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Document failed to load

Hello, I have trouble with opening these workbooks. When I try to open any workbook that I should have access, I am getting always the same type of error: Capture.PNG 

What I am doing wrong, how can I fix this problem?


Thank you and BR



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Creator III
Creator III

There are many resources in the community regardind this issue, check this out:

Father/Husband/BI Developer

Hi I have checked all these answers you sent me, but there is nothing relevant with my issue. 

- I cannot open at all document, so I am not able to change or manipulate anything .

- The issue is somehow connected with my account, cause with my regular account I can open it.

- The strangest thing is that from all that set of workbooks with my account that I cannot access, there is one workbook that I can open.

I think problem started with this message while I was opening documents, cause I clicked once abort, but still I am new with QV so not sure is that can be problem... Capture2.PNG

Former Employee
Former Employee

Please review the following Help content, it should explain things in greater detail:


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