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Does Qlikview support SSL (TLS) ?


I'm trying to configure the emails alerts in Qlikview but I'm lost.

As a company we use MS Office for the emails and I tried to use the SMTP server: with port 587 but it's not working.

Someone from IT told me that it could be because Qlikview doesn't use SSL.

Can someone confirm and could tell me how to use emails in Qlikview with office please ?

Also, if it's impossible I'm open to use other emailing servers.

I tried gmail but it's not working too.

Do I have to create an SMTP relay with IIS ?

Please help me

Best regards,

John D

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Master II
Master II

you are right. QV doesnt support ssl.

GMail setting not worked in Mail server Qlikview 11

but you could use a macro to send:

Re: Re: MAIL SMTP SETTINGS Personal Edition

hope that helps!

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Thank you Frank.

Partner - Champion III
Partner - Champion III

If you want to send emails using TLS (quite different), you may want to try this:Re: Qlikview Server