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Dolar Sign Expansion via Field not working

I have Products, SubProducts, Country and Sales. I display Products against Country with Sales in the Grid Chart. I would like the tooltip in the grid chart to display the SubProducts and their sales for each dot in the grid chart.

I managed to create the tooltip string dynamically in the loadscript. However, in using it via vTest2, I am unable to display the SubProduct sales. Some Products have 2 sub-products, some more than 2.

If I try it with a variable and hardcoded value for the variable, I am able to display the tooltip successfully as in vTest. But vTest2 where I assign it to a field value in the data model, I am unable to display this.

Any one had luck with this scenario

LET vTest = 'subproduct1: ' & Max({<SubProduct={"subproduct1"}>} Sales) & chr(13) & 'subproduct2'

LET vTest2 = Only(Replace(Tooltip, '~', chr(39)))

Tooltip values look like

~subproduct1:~ & MAX({<SubProduct= {"subproduct1"}>} Sales) & chr(13)  & ~subproduct2 :~ & MAX({<SubProduct = {"subproduct2"}>} Sales)

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