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Drill Functionality not working as expected

Hi Champs,

I am using to 2 fields Top Parent and Parent. I have created a  Drill down group so that we can drill from Top Parent-->Parent.

This is working for some of them where as in some cases its directly showing up Parent details instead of rolling up and showing Top Parent Details. Am using this Group as a dimension for a Bar Chart and Expression is Revenue.

Any idea on why is this behaving so?

Thanks & Regards,


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The logic is that it drills down automatically to the next level if there is only one possible value.

If you don't want this, then you can use a cyclic group instead, or adding a NULL value in the data. See more on http://community.qlik.com/thread/73465


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Can you attach the sample of the same?

If both the columns are linked in your datamodel it will work as expected...



I think you should try cyclic drill instead. ..

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Hi Henric,

After going through the link you have provided, I was trying to implement....

Please refer the attached file...Once I select the entity_name am seeing the prd_desc the second level of values where as it not rolling up to the first level even after using the NULL value.

Please help me on  this.

Thnaks & Regards,

Praveen Palle


As soon as you make a selection, the NULLs will be excluded and the chart will drill down. The NULLs only help you in the case that there is no selection.

If you don't want it to drill down, you should use a cyclic group.



Hi Praveen.

have you found a solution for this

Please let me know