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Dynamic Selection in Straight table

I have two tables in my Data model as

Product IDProduct Name20012002

Product IDJan 2001Jan 2002

Since Product ID is the common field. Both are connected. This is it from the Data model.

Now, I have two straight tables in UI.

1st Straight Table:

Dimension - Product ID,Product Name

Expression - 2001,2002 (No functions, just used the field names in expression)

2nd Straight Table:

Dimension - Product ID

Expression - Jan 2001, Jan 2002

Since Jan 2001 is a subset of 2001, I need to show just Product ID and Jan 2001 when the user clicks 2001. Similarly for 2002.

Say, when the user click 2001 in the 1st straight table, I should get

Product IDJan 2001

Can someone tell me, how to do this? Guess it's similar to Ad-hoc Reporting. But not sure how to proceed with this.

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Maybe you can achieve something like you want using triggers, but I would consider changing the data model, so that the month / year relation is associative.

Maybe using a fact table with mixed granularity:

Fact Table with Mixed Granularity

Then, using a calendar that is linked to the mixed granular time dimension, and selecting Year, you should get both tables filtered accordingly.

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I actually used Year and Month just for namesake. Please consider the one in 1st table as Category and 2nd table as Sub category.

How to do this with triggers?