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Dynamic Totals Label

Hi Everyone,

This is probably simpler than I'm making it, but I'm stumped:

On a pivot table, Presentation tab > Show Partial Sums > Label for Totals, what's the most simplified method for including the dimensional value in the Total label? For instance, if the column is Product Category, and the dimension value is Clothing, how could the Label for Totals be made to says something like "Clothing Total"?



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Partner - Master

Actually, for a pivot table you can write on 'Label for Total' for each dimension that you enable for totals


6 points for trying... 🙂
Apparently the question was a little different. You can write lable 'Product Category', but what DJ wants is ="Product Category", so each value has it's own label. Although it is allowed to use expression here, it works only for the overall selected data, not for the table row. Not sure there is a solution.
Will follow, maybe there is...

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Exactly. And, I've tried loading a variable, but the string only works when the variable is a single value -- which effectively makes it behave like it's hard-coded. Not explicitly selecting a value, or selecting multiple values makes the string parse to NULL. 😞

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Partner - Master III


I need the same thing.  is there a way to achieve it in pivot table ?

Creator III
Creator III

HI everybody,

I have many times this problem and couldn't find any solution. today i have a new request that is the same and i tought to search in forum, maybe somebody has it already solved, but it seems that it's impossible

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Dear all,

I've also received the same request from two parties, may I know if anyone has solved this problem?

Any plan to support this?



See here

talk is cheap, supply exceeds demand
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Hi Gysbert,

Thanks for your reply.  But what my client requested are the label to be dynamically changed based on the values of the previous column, such as the "Clothing Total" shown in the first post.

Luminary Alumni
Luminary Alumni

Any luck finding a solution for this?

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