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Dynamically changing the position of pivot table B from A

Hi Experts,
Am stuck in one requirements, please help me to fix it.
I have pivot table A and table B arranged vertically one below other. The space between these tables should be 1cm and position of table B should change dynamically on selection made on table A.
For ex:
Table A has 3 rows
Table B
Currently if I select 1. Row form table A then dashboard looks like
Table A

Table B
The requirement to is change the position of table B based on table A selection.
The results should be
Table A
Table B

Please guide me


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Former Employee
Former Employee

I do not believe this is possible, the only means would be making use of the Edit Module APIs, but that is not something I would recommend.  The better option would be to lock the size of the pivot tables and use the scroll bars etc. to allow the users to scroll through the data in that case, I believe that is the only way to really do what you wish to do.

The only other option might be to put the charts on different sheets and when the user makes the selection in pivot A, the onSelection trigger could be used to change to the other sheet with the pivot B on it etc using the Actions on the trigger.


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