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Dynamically load and display table data

So, I have a question for all, I am having trouble working out.

I have an app that has the ability to load failing rows from any dataset. (a number of records)

Each data set can have a varying number of columns and a varying number of rows - nothing is guaranteed to be consistent.

I would like to be able to load the data, regardless of shape or size into a dynamic tablebox.

The only code I can use for this is

Load *;

Select * from view_entity_fail

where eid=X; (Where X is the identifier)

So I have no column name given or supplied.

An example output is attached

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You can use a macro to create a tablebox with all the fields:

sub CreateTablebox

    set tb = ActiveDocument.Sheets("Main").CreateTableBox

    set flds = ActiveDocument.GetFieldDescriptions

    for i = 0 to flds.count - 1

        set fld = flds.item(i)

        if not fld.IsSystem then tb.AddField fld.Name


end sub

You can try adding an action to run the macro to the OnOpen document trigger or add a button to your document and add the action to the button.

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