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Edit Field Contents

Hi All,

Is it possible to edit the contents of a field one cell at a time via an if-then in Qlikview script? Lets say I have the field 'ApplicantName' and 'ApplicantID'. Because of coding issues, some of the ApplicantIDs are incorrect and need to be manually fixed. What I'd like to be able to do, for now at least, is have a function similar to:

IF (ApplicantName = 'John Smith',222333) AS ApplicantID

but have it replace the value in the field rather than try to write a new one. If I try to run that as is, it gives me an error stating 'Field names must be unique within table'. Any advice?



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Hi Michael,

In case of a few mistakes in codind, try:

load *, IF (ApplicantName = 'John Smith',222333, ApplicantID) AS ApplicantID_ok   //(extend the IFs conditions as needed)

resident tableorigin;

drop field ApplicantID;

rename field ApplicantID_ok to ApplicantID;


Try this:

IF(ApplicantName = 'John Smith',222333,ApplicantID) AS ApplicantID

Note, you cannot create the field ApplicantID twice in a table, so this will not work:




     IF(ApplicantName = 'John Smith',222333,ApplicantID) AS ApplicantID

FROM ....

It will fail because you're trying to create two fields with the same name in a table. That will also happen if you use the * (star) character to load all fields from the source.

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Hi Marc,

This is the approach I've got working for now. However, there's a few too many fixes (around 40) for me to want to just nest the if's. What I'd rather have is each fix as its own IF command so that as we're able to get these things remedied in the source files, I can easily remove them from the QV doc. Is there a way to just replace a single value at a time?



Take a look at the applymap function.

talk is cheap, supply exceeds demand


Then try to mapp a table with the corrections needed, and then use the applymap function: 

correctiontable: Mapping

LOAD * INLINE [     ApplicantName, ApplicantID_OK    

     John Smith, 222333    

     Jane, 76543 ]; 

tableorigin: LOAD

     ApplicantName, ApplicantID,     

     ApplyMap(correctiontable, ApplicantID) as ApplicantID_OK

FROM ...;