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Effect of restricting dimension on totals in expressions

Does restricting the dimensions affects sum ( total ...) in expressions?

I am restricting my dimensions on rank (aggregate function) and then calculating total in expressions.

I am not getting true values.

Any ideas from anyone would be appreciated.

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Yes it does. Expressions calculate results based on the values of the dimensions shown in your chart. Perhaps you can use a variable or set analysis expressions. Can you post an example document that explains what you're trying to do?

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Here, Dim 1 is my calculated dimension (restricted by rank).

i want to see sum of sales in first expressions according to Dim 2 values e.g. sum of sales of A, B, C and so on in respective rows and in second expression, i want to see sum of sales according to Dim 1 values i.e. sum of sales of 1, 2 etc respectively. In second expression i want result irrespective of Dim 2 values.


i am getting issues while calculating expression 2.