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Efficiency of variables vs repeating expressions

Noob question here...

If I have multiple sheets/charts that use a common expression, is it more efficient to assign that expression to a variable and then reference the variable in the various sheets/charts than to have the expression repeated over and over in each object?

For example if I need to plot:

sum(bad_call)/sum(call_count)  vs sum(good_call)/sum(call_count)

would it be better to create vCallCount =sum(call_count) and then plot

sum(bad_call)/vCallCount vs sum(good_call)/vCallCount.     

Or is QlikView smart enough to recognize multiple instances of sum(call_count) and calculate it once?



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It is easier to maintain if you use a variable. But that is the only advantage, because QlikView is smart enough - in both cases - to recognize multiple instances of the expression. The result will be saved in the cache and re-used for the other instances the same expression. (Given that the data scope is the same).