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Creator II
Creator II

Error:Error in expression:Nested aggregation not allowed

Hello All,

I have an expression like below in textbox

=sum({<Distribution={1},Node_TS_Year=,Node_TS_Month=,Node_TS_Date=,[Task Category]={"Cargotec ERP","Global versions"},Node_TS_Date={">=$(=Date(Today()-30))<$(=Date(Today()))"}, [Task Status]={'Completed', 'Warning'}>}

(if([Task Name]='AP Explorer_SAN',30,

if([Task Name]='FMG Explorer_SAN',30,

if([Task Name]='Reload of Quotation Hit Rate',30,

if([Task Name]='Reload of Sales Variance',30,

if([Task Name]='Reload of Service lead time',30,

if([Task Name]='Reference List',30,

if([Task Name]='SO Condition Type',vTotalMondays,

if([Task Name]='Inventory report_SAN',30,

if([Task Name]='Reload of GL line items',30,

if([Task Name]='Customs reporting Malaysia',30,

if([Task Name]='Reload of Freight report',30,

if([Task Name]='Macgregor Migrated Project Life Explorer',30,

if([Task Name]='Parts - Sales Dashboard_SAN',30,

if([Task Name]='Production Order',30,

if([Task Name]='Material Delivery Status',30,

if([Task Name]='Production Order Dashboard',30,

if([Task Name]='Reload Equipment Lead Time',30,

if([Task Name]='Customer Statistics Finland',30,

if(Match([Task Name],'people Explorer','Closing Explorer','GM and OP analysis light'),Count({<Distribution={1},[Task Category]={$(=vTaskCategory)},[Task Name]-={$(=vTaskNameEx)},Node_TS_Date={">=$(=Date(Today()-30))<$(=Date(Today()))"}, [Task Status]={'Completed', 'Warning','Failed'}>}Node_TS_Hour)


I get error as Error:Error in expression:Nested aggregation not allowed


Prasad Mayekar

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You cannot embed one aggregation function inside a call to another aggregation function, except if you use aggr().

Simplified, your expression looks like this:

=Sum({Set spec} if (a, 30,... if (Match(), Count({Set spec} Node_TS_Hour), vReloadMonthlyCount ))...))

meaning that you try to sum the output of a Count(). Which is a nested aggregation and is not allowed without the use of aggr().

Specialist II
Specialist II

Hi Prasad,

share a sample to work




You need to use the Aggr to use nested aggregation functions.

=sum({<Distribution={1},Node_TS_Year=,Node_TS_Month=,Node_TS_Date=,[Task Category]={"Cargotec ERP","Global versions"},Node_TS_Date={">=$(=Date(Today()-30))<$(=Date(Today()))"}, [Task Status]={'Completed', 'Warning'}>} aggr

(if(Your Full if condition), Dimension1,Diemnsion2) )

where dimension1 & dimension2 are the dimensions of the chart

Creator II
Creator II

Hi Kushal,

It worked,thanks

now the issue is I have dimension has 'vTaskName'

where vTaskName=

if(Distribution='1',(if(match([Task Category],'Global versions','Cargotec ERP'),

if(not WildMatch([Task Name],'*Distribution*','*Tiina*''*Purchase Orders new Report*','*new Report*','*one table*'),

[Task Name]))))

i tried with vTaskName in Dimension1 but it didn't work.


Prasad Mayekar


use [Task Name] instead of vTaskName

Creator II
Creator II

I had used dimension has  [Task Name] before,but i get values for all the tasks

whereas i dont need all the tasks,i need to exclude few of them,which i have mentioned in previous comment.


If you have checked suppress NULL in your dimension, it should not be the problem.