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Creator III
Creator III

Error: SQL##f - SqlState: 00000, ErrorCode: 0, ErrorMsg:

Dear All,

I'm trying load data from oracle database and below is the script used to extract data.

set _qvd_path = '..\Data\Qvds\Raw_Qvds\';
set _qvd_name = 'Location';

SQL select * from hr_locations_all;

store $(_qvd_name) into $(_qvd_path)$(_qvd_name).qvd(qvd);

I am getting error message as Error: SQL##f - SqlState: 00000, ErrorCode: 0, ErrorMsg:

Document log says General script error.


If i execute the same query for different table, it just works fine.

Any idea what is wrong in the above script.

Thank you.

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Publish the entire error message.

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