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Master III
Master III

Example of Ajax Toolbar implementation

I'm trying to replicate the Back function from Ajax Toll bar in Workbench.

I got the icon embedded in the website,  and using this js script

<script type="text/javascript">
var mydoc;
        function Init() {
            mydoc = Qv.GetCurrentDocument();
     $('#back').click(function() {
      Qv.InitWorkBench({ View: "AccessPoint/Movies Database",Host:"QVS@qv100", BodyOnLoadFunctionNames: "Init" });

and then this part to trigger this action:

<div class="img">  <input type="image" onclick="Init()" src="back.png" alt="back"/></div>

but after pressing the image the action in not being trigger.

The screen flashes but the website stays in the same state.

Any takers?


Could you help?

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