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Exclude Future Date not working in the expression.

I am using Chart Straight table.

I have used condition to exclude future date.

But, still the future date is appearing. How to exclude the future date. below is my dim/expressions.


=If(vUserInput, if(IsNull(EMP_RELIEVE_DATE) AND [EMP_STATE]='$(vEmPlaces)', date(EMP_RESIGN_DATE),date(EMP_RELIEVE_DATE)), if(not IsNull(EMP_RELIEVE_DATE) AND EMP_RELIEVE_DATE <= floor(Today()) AND [EMP_STATE]='$(vEmPlaces)', EMP_RELIEVE_DATE))

Exp1 : "Relieving_Date" (LABEL TEXT)

=If(vUserInput, if(IsNull([EMP_RELIEVE_DATE]),Date(EMP_RESIGN_DATE+vUserInput),Date(EMP_RELIEVE_DATE)),if(not IsNull([EMP_RELIEVE_DATE]) AND EMP_RELIEVE_DATE <= floor(Today()) AND [EMP_STATE]='$(vEmPlaces)', EMP_RELIEVE_DATE))

Exp2 : 1-10 Days

if([Relieving_Date]>=vCalDate10 And [Relieving_Date]<=vToday AND [Relieving_Date] <= Today() AND [EMP_STATE]='$(vEmPlaces)',1,0)

Exp3: 10-30 Days

If([Relieving_Date]>=vCalDate30 And [Relieving_Date]<=vCalDate10 AND [Relieving_Date] <= Today() AND [EMP_STATE]='$(vEmPlaces)', 1,0)

Exp3: >30 Days

If([Relieving_Date]<=vCalDate30 AND [Relieving_Date] <= Today() AND [EMP_STATE]='$(vEmPlaces)', 1,0)

Also the main important points, if all three cases (1-10 Days, 10-30 Days, >30 Days) "0" values, we just want to omit the Rows. this is important.

How to change the above dim/expressions to Omit the rows if all three cases "0" values...?

Futrure Date - 19JAN2021-1.PNG



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Thanks for your great help.

still mismatch is there for some data. i think, it might be a data problem. let's wait for some more days.

let client check the count first and will do....