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Excluding or Including an Altered State

I'm using two tables. One is a list of orders and one is a list of contacts from customers. These tables are linked by the cust_ID column.

Within the tables there are many fields with information relating to "customer", "order" and "customer contact"

I then want to create two side by side graphs. One that includes any selections made in all of my filters "customer", "order" and "customer contact" and one that excludes all fields relating to "customer contact".

The type of question i will be looking to answer will be "If 1/2 of our customers who contact us about X reason bought their product online, are half of all orders placed online?"

My intention was to place all filters that relate to the customer contacting for assistance in an altered state called "State_Contact" and then include that state in a set analysis expression but all examples I can find will need me to list every field.

Is there a way you can create an expression to count a field and exclude an entire group of fields rather than listing every field in every expression?

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