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Master III
Master III

Export button help??????

Hi Folks,

I'm having a application A3.qvw (Please see the attachment) , here I'm having a straight table where I'm calling few fields as dimension & expression.

My client want me to create a Export report button for this application and on clicking this export button he want output as Report.xls (Please see the attachment)

Please help me how to create this Export report button to get the desired output as mentioned in the attachment.

Thanks in advance .


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Creator II
Creator II

Hi AS,

Unfortunately I am still on the personal edition of QV (awaiting my licence key) so I cannot view your qvw or send you one myself. So, all I can do here is insert pictures.

So, have you added the button to your qvw document as in this image?


Then, in your report.xls file add formulas as per the example in my previous post. The formulas will need to be modified to refer to the file shown in the picture (e.g. c:\book1.csv).