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Expression values not displayed in block charts


I have created a block chart which has a single variable called "company" and I have defined 2 expessions namely sum(sales) and sum(profit). The block chart gets generated but when I point a cursor to an area in the block chart, I am able to see only two fields in the pop up , the company name and the sales value with the following format "company name = "+the company name followed by "sales = "+ the approriate sales value. I am not able to see the value of profit. How do I ensure that I get the third value in the pop up?

I have seen a live example in which all the variables are displayed. Please find it in the image pasted below. How do I create something like the chart in the pasted attachment. Can someone please advise?



block chart.jpg

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Check out the Presentation tab and make sure the correct number of visible levels is shown. I do not know if this is the issue, but its worth trying.

I have a block chart with all levels showing. But I cannot get a label to show for all 3 dimensions.

Any ideas?


Contributor III
Contributor III


I see from your "Information Technology" label that it is wrapped over two lines.  Where do I find the setting that will allow me to do this?