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Facing issue while filling same rgb colors in pivot table for value in range

Hi All,

I am having an requirement ,In which I have 3 dimension customer name,seg and week.Week is pivoted .I have attached the sample application for example.

Requirement:I have to color the value in according to the range.for example 0-10 red ,10-20 light red and so on...till 90-100 green

If the cell is blank for particular week it should have same color as of last value whatever it is.I am able to achieve the above functionality with numeric value.Attached Sample application for reference.But Not able to achieve the same with Range(Non numeric value.

Can anyone help me or let me know in case of any other info required?

johnw‌ you helped me with initial solution.Can you help me on this also?

Attached image of expected chart.



2 Replies

I think the issue is with ALT function which returns only first numeric value.But in our case it will non numeric.Can anyone tell us the replacement for alt function for non numeric value?

Please ignore above app.Attached is the latest app.


Perhaps just make your ranges be numeric values. The class() function does this automatically. If you want to assign the ranges some other way, such as with a nested if, use the dual() function on your ranges, such as dual('0-10',5), dual('10-20',15), something like that.