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Creator III
Creator III

Failed to reload document

Hi Everyone,

We have an application with three layers: extract data layer, modification and normalization layer, and presentation layer. We have a task to update every 3 minutes the first layer, and continues with next layers when the first is successed. However, few times the task failed because apparently the first document is open by server.

After that, server task continues trying to open the document and create the follow event type:

event id 0, The task "Comercial Middle Tier 2/Cierre_Extraccion_1.qvw" failed. Exception:

QDSMain.Exceptions.DistributionFailedException: Distribute failed with errors to follow. ---> QDSMain.Exceptions.ReloadFailedException: Reload failed

However, we see another events where qvb.exe create an event type "app error":

Faulting application name: qvb.exe, version: 11.20.11643.0 Faulting module name: ntdll.dll, version: 6.1.7601.17725

And finally, app crash... without a proper diagnosis, we restart qlikview services such as workaround.

How can we avoid this issue? Is possible verify if my document is currently open by server?

Thanks in advanced.

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You could put a sleep(3000)  [pause for 3 seconds] at the very end of the script of your extract data layer qvw to allow any residues to close.

Best Regards,     Bill

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Hi Javier,

Did you ever make any progress with this issue?  I have started seeing some similar errors in our environment.  We have not had this problem before, and nothing has changed in our environment recently, so it's a bit strange.  Would be great to hear if you managed to get to the bottom of this one. 

Thanks and Regards,


Creator III
Creator III

Hi Graeme,

No, qlik partner just suggest have server in cluster, but that solution implied assigned budget to that dumb tasks. We increase the time to reload the extraction layer but we saw every day those events.


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Hi Javier,

Thanks for the update.  If you are on 11.2 SR2, I would strongly advise staying away from QDS clustering - we had a lot of stability issues with it and in the end had to disable it.  Raised the issues with QT, so hopefully it should be more stable in later releases.