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Fetching data from 2 different views from the same database and represent the respective reports in qlikview with out linking the data sets , is this possible ?

Hi all ,

I am new to qlikview and would like to know if the below mentioned issue can be resolved in qlikview.

scenario :

i am fetching data from 2 views from the same database into qlikview report and trying to represent each view's data in different tabs i.e. view 1's data in Tab 1 and View 2's data in Tab 2 .

i have taken care that there are no common feilds between these 2 views by aliasing the columns in the result set of the view and am creating charts in the tabs / qlikview report.

but the main issue here is , the current selection box shows up the selected value in Tab 1 if i select anything in tab 2 ..

can we handle this in anyway??? Immediate reponse on this would be very much appreciated and helpfull.

Thanks in advance.

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right click, chart properties, triggers, clear all selections

so when you go to the second tab all the selections are cleared

you would have to do this for both tabs.

But I wouldn't recommend completely disparate data in the same QVW.

Each QVW should be a representation of compatible data to improve the pin point analysis.

right now it makes sense for you to do this so you can put everything in one place...but that changes quickly

as people start using the qvw's.  they say hey can you add this, then hey, can we add, or calculate this...

and pretty soon you will need to bust all the data to 2 qvw's because the loading of non-compatible data is making the qvw too large because it is qliks nature to try to join everything.