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Field value to Null


I'm doing a project where I needed to have 2 dates (DateA, DateB) from 2 independent tables (TableA, TableB) related to one field that the user can filter.

To do so, I implemented document triggers "Select In Field" for the fields of TableA (Year, Month, Day of Week, ...) that change the selected values of fields related to TableB. Unfortunately this doesn't work as I expected...


YearA has:

2009, 2010, 2011

YearB has:

2009, 2010, 2011

So far, so good there the same years in both fields but from now on it gets bad...

MonthA has:

January, February, March, April

MonthB has:

January, March, July, September

So, when I select the year 2010 in the "YearA" listbox, "YearB" gets the same value after the trigger implementation but it also gets July in the field "MonthB" since it's the only month with values for that year.

If I select February afterwards in MonthA listbox, and with the trigger implemented, I would expected QV to "know" that MonthB has no "February" value so it would get Null but no... It remains with the July selection on even after the trigger "Select in Field" fires... :s

How can I fix this in QV10?

Thanks in advance

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can you add a qvw??.. i think the selection still because the tables are not in a relation.

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I think you're right Facundo but how can I override the value in the FieldB to Null when the value selected in FieldA doesn't exist in FieldB?

I've tried to implement another trigger (firing after the one that tries to make the value in FieldA and FieldB the same) to check something like:

Field: FieldB

String: =If( GetFieldSelections( FieldA ) <> GetFieldSelections( FieldB ), Null() )

But even so, it doesn't get Null :s



I don´t know if you are looking something like this, please see atach


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Thanks for your help Facundo.

Meanwhile I was able to find a simpler solution to my problem via script.

Made a link table with only parts of the data year, month, day and so on and not the whole dates and I found the answer to my problem.