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Creator III
Creator III

Filelist function using DFS file location


I'm using a filelist funciton to retrieve file names without opening the files.

This works great with file server locations, or relative locations, but the minute I try to use a DFS file location:

For Each File in FileList('\\\Rapports\EpargnantOperationnel\SendLog_*.csv');


It breaks down. It's weird because I can use this path in a regular load function without any problems. 

I'll say it right now: I can't get the files elesewhere. It isn't owned by my department, so I have no say in where they lay.


Can anyone cue me on a proper way to specify the path correctly?

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Creator III
Creator III

from what I'm reading DFS is not truly suported by Qlik, so I'm even lucky to have a from that works... 

Any other cues are helpfull.


We have in our company a global network-share which is by the most users mapped with I:\ but the real path behind looked like:


If I take the information from here literally:

Distributed File System (Microsoft) - Wikipedia

it's a DFS and I could not only load from there directly else the filelist() worked, too.

This means it seems to work in general but if I understand the information right there exists multiple implementations for a DFS so that it depends on various factors.

I think you should ask your IT to the specifics of your company-implementation and the applied rules and configurations and with it you may be more successful by investigating the matter within the community and/or the global internet (I could imagine that there are more tools/processes which may have their struggles with this kind of storage).

- Marcus

Creator III
Creator III

this is awkward... I was missing an s in my path and it had NOTHING to do with DFS or what not. lol

Sorry for wasting your time Marcus...