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Filter to show only 0 values in a table

Hi Guys

Wonder if you can help me. I am new to Qlik and struggling with something. I have a simple stock table and have three expressions. Expression 1 calculates the stock totals for all items yesterday:

sum({<StockDate = {'$(=Date(today()-1))'}>} BOH)

expression 2 calculates the stock totals today:

sum({<StockDate = {'$(=Date(today()))'}>} BOH)

and the final expression is a simple calculation that works out the difference.

I then want to just show any items that are basically out of stock but cant seem to figure this out.


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Contributor II
Contributor II

You could add to all measure if statement^

1. if(value_today - valye_yesterday <=0, value_yesterday)

2. if(value_today - valye_yesterday <=0, value_today)

3. if(value_today - valye_yesterday <=0, value_today - valye_yesterday )

and hide null values in dimension (first row in table have check box on/off null values)

than in table will be only measure with value_today - valye_yesterday <=0