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Contributor II
Contributor II

Filtering a Pivot Table


I'm trying to work out two challenges I would like to work out on a Pivot Table.

My current output looks something along the lines of the below.

Order IDErrorCategoryDate and Time
1234567TS12:Therecipient'sZIPcodeisincorrect,pleasecheck.Postal Code10-05-2019 13:21:27
1234568TS12:Therecipient'sZIPcodeisincorrect,pleasecheck.Postal Code29-04-2019 11:53:22
1234571120124:TherequestedserviceisunavailablebetweentheselectedlocationsService level07-05-2019 08:24:22
1234571120124:TherequestedserviceisunavailablebetweentheselectedlocationsService level07-05-2019 08:41:40
1234573[TS28:Nozonefound:PleasecheckthatthereisnocountrycodeinfrontoftheZIPcodeandthattheservicelevelisincludedinyourcarriercontractforthedestination.]Postal Code01-05-2019 13:51:38
1234592121210:Theselectedserviceisnotavailablefromtheorigintothedestination.Service level06-05-2019 12:24:44
1234593128400:InvalidCountryCodeRECountry06-05-2019 11:17:58
1234593121210:Theselectedserviceisnotavailablefromtheorigintothedestination.Service level03-05-2019 13:06:58
1234594120217:ShipTophonenumbercannotbemorethan15digitslongPhone Number06-05-2019 10:59:32


I would like to only display the Order and Error the first time it occurs. This means that for 1234571, I would only like it to be displayed once, for 07-05-2019 08:24:22. For 1234593 I would only loke to see the 121210 error with it's timestamp. 

I can have the script generate a separate table filtering this all out, but as I've got other tables and graphs that require both instances to have the data, I would like this to be in the display side, for efficiency purposes. 

My second question would be regarding whether I would be able to have a 'set' selector on this Pivot Table. I've currenlty got a causer set by "Company" / "Customer", and in this pivot table, I would only like to see causer = Customer instances. 
I have got other selectors as well, where those are supposed to influence this Pivot Table, as well as my other tables, so I do not think I can use an Alternate Status for this while having both this Pivot and other to be influenced by the different selectors. How would I go about this? 


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Use timestamp as an expression and give Min(timestampfield) . remove the other 2 columns
not clear on your second question
Contributor II
Contributor II

Simply stating to remove two coloumns where I inquire about a result displaying four columns is not helpful at all. 
Expressing the timestamp field as a min does not solve the question for the example of 1234593.

Let me rephrase the question: 

In my data model, I have built a tabel along the lines of below:

Order IDErrorCategoryDate and TimeCauser 
1234567Error TS12Postal Code10-5-2019 13:21Customer
1234568Error TS12Postal Code29-4-2019 11:53Customer
1234569Error 123467Connection10-5-2019 13:21Company
1234570Error 123467Connection7-5-2019 8:41Company
1234571Error 120124Service level7-5-2019 8:24Customer
1234571Error 120124Service level7-5-2019 8:41Customer
1234572Error 123466Connection7-5-2019 8:24Company
1234573Error TS28Postal Code1-5-2019 13:51Customer
1234592Error 121210Service level6-5-2019 12:24Customer
1234593Error 128400Country6-5-2019 11:17Customer
1234593Error 121210Service level3-5-2019 13:06Customer
1234594Error 120217Phone Number6-5-2019 10:59Customer


In my table, I only want to show errors based on being the first error that occurs for the order and it has to be caused by the customer. 

The table as above is used for other types of output as well and I would prefer not to have to built a new table in the data model to retrieve the output. 
The output has to be responsive to 3 of the 4 selectors going on in the report (all but "causer") so I do not think I can use an Alternate State on the table to achieve part 2. 


Do you realize there's a reason I asked to remove 2 columns.

Have no interest in helping anymore