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Master II

Filters Vs Multi Box


A question regarding performance.

I've quite a few list boxes as filters which I'm planning to remove and use just one Multi Box with all the dimensions in it.

Correct me if I'm wrong, even though they work same but instead of having 10 objects in a sheet, just 1 would do the work.

This would increase the performance as we decreasing the number of object?

Also a straight table is better or table box? Both has no expressions in it.

I feel Straight table as more options are there to play around...

Please note, my data is more than 400M records and file size can go beyond 5gb.

So please suggest me pointers where I can increase the performance. I have done as much as I can both front and back end.


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Hello Aehman,

You are correct in assuming a multi box in this case would increase performance because the fewer objects Qlikview has to render, the better it will perform, but I don't think it would make a huge difference with just listboxes. 

I would utilize conditional shows on columns or even whole tables, this way the data won't be calculated until the condition is true, which in turn means the memory needed to calculate and render the tables won't be used until the conditional show is true. I personally like to give users a self-query tab which allows them to pull columns and data that they need instead of everything.

With an app that big, you may also want to look into document chaining to split up the data which would greatly improve performance.


1) Obviously, It has locked and good performance when we are trying to skip more objects. So, on what cases List box used

     i) One for good visualization as we don't have customize option in Multibox

     ii) And, Calculated Expressions

     iii) Single Row object (some settings needed)

     iv) So, Like above there is more advantages.

2) Obviously, Straight table

     i) Table box - We can't customize color set of object

     ii) But, in straight table it can be alternate of number of customize such Row by Row BG color and Text color ...

Does this make sense ...

Best Anil, When applicable please mark the correct/appropriate replies as "solution" (you can mark up to 3 "solutions". Please LIKE threads if the provided solution is helpful
Master II
Master II

Thanks for the reply @ Anil and David...

As I said in my app I'm having more than 20 list boxes, basically couple of sheets are filled with list boxes itself.

Each object takes memory though there is no calculation time.

I was thinking I can at least decrease the size of the App.

For Document Chaining it sounds good but when I'm loading 1M + rows as default view the performance would not improve much and I'd end up creating another app which is almost same size of the first app.

Instead I'll plan to only show last 3 months of data on each sheet.. at least the default view would load faster.

I hope that is a correct approach.