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Creator II
Creator II

Find the Field and Value form string


I have a string, i.e -

In this string, following are the information / field are available like :


FT_KPI-EIC-MSIM-DL2CA-3.1.3.m/MobilityType:Mobility/RAT1:4G TDD/RAT2:4G FDD/TestedLocation:Ningbo/TestedSIM:SIM1/TestEnvironmentSim1:CMCC/TestEnvironmentSim2:CUC/RAT1Mode:Triple Mode (4G/TDS/2G)/RAT2Mode:Triple Mode (4G/3G/2G)
data- idle/MobilityType:Static/RAT1:2G/RAT2:4G FDD/TestedLocation:Beijing/TestEnvironmentSim1:CMCC/TestEnvironmentSim2:CUC/RAT1Mode:Single Mode/RAT2Mode:Triple Mode (4G/3G/2G)
DFT2070201/3GPPReleases:R12/RAT1:4G FDD/TestedLocation:Tokyo/TestedSIM:SIM1/TestEnvironmentSim1:NTT DCM/UpperTesterInterface:PCIe AT/RAT1Mode:Dual Mode (4G/3G)

1. Field name - V_Area and FT, data, DFT are value for filed V_Area.

2. Field name - MobilityType and Mobility, Static, In 3rd Row There is no value for filed MobilityType

3. Field name - RAT1 and 4G, 2G, 4G FDD are value for filed RAT1

4. Field name - RAT2 and 4G FDD is value for filed RAT2

5. Field name - TestedLocation and Ningbo, Beijing, Tokyo  is value for filed TestedLocation

6. Field name - TestedSIM and SIM1, 2nd Row no value for field TestedSIM but in 3rd Row there is value for Tested Sim, i.e. SIM1

7. Field name - TestEnvironmentSim1, i.e. Operator and CMCC, CMCC, NTT DCM are value for filed Operator

8. Field name - TestEnvironmentSim2, i.e. also Operator and CUC, 3rd Row there is no value for TestEnvironmentSim2

9. Field name - RAT1MODE, i.e RAT and Triple Mode (4G/TDS/2G), Single Mode,  Dual Mode (4G/3G) value for field RAT

10. Field name - RAT2MODE, i.e  also RAT and Triple Mode (4G/3G/2G), 3rd Row there is no value for RAT

So total in these string I have 8 Fields are available and these are V_Area, MobilityType, RAT1, RAT2, TestedLocation, TestedSIM, Operator, RAT

So can anyone help me to find the field and value accordingly.



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Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

Qlik have lots of string functions (, in your script u can use these to find and get values.

So you can use, for example, Subfield()  or TextBetween() function to get every field value.

Hope this will help)



May be like this:



     SubField(SubField(Field1, '/', 1), ':', 2) as V_Area,

     SubField(SubField(Field1, '/', 2), ':', 2) as MobilityType,

     SubField(SubField(Field1, '/', 3), ':', 2) as RAT1,

     SubField(SubField(Field1, '/', 4), ':', 2) as RAT2,

     SubField(SubField(Field1, '/', 5), ':', 2) as TestedLocation,

     SubField(SubField(Field1, '/', 6), ':', 2) as TestedSIM,

     SubField(SubField(Field1, '/', 7), ':', 2) as Operator,

     SubField(SubField(Field1, '/', 8), ':', 2) as RAT;




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