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Forecast with variables or inputfield


I would like to create an application to introduce a forecast for a indicator (GWP=gross written premium) and to be distributed to all subcategories (products, agencies...)

I thought that this may be possible in two ways:

- using Inputfield and InputSum (GWP3, '*') or

- Using variables: sum ((GWP_PROCENT / 100 * vGWP_planificat))

In the attached application are both variants, but I would go for the inputsum version .

The further requirement is that after entering that planned total, it should remain fixed but to offer the possibility of changing the value on each product. The difference resulting from this changes will be distributed to other products so the total keeps the initial value.

The first example (with variable) works fine, but only for 3 products... That's why I would go for inputsum.

Here is the variable example:


And the example with inputsum, which I would go for:


But here the problem is that, after I change a value on a product, the total is changing. I wold like to keep the total, and the difference to affect the values for the other products.


Thanks in advance,


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Master III

may try sum({1} field) for total

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It's not a selection problem. Distributing the GWP difference proportionally is the problem.