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Formula to show a 0 value?

Hi Community! First time posting here, so bear with me please. I suspect my issue is not an easy one, but hopeful I can at least gain some insight, and I'll do my best to explain...

I am trying to present in a dashboard the # of projects for several businesses across various stages of product development. For one business, in one of the stages, there are no projects, so the result should be "0". But when making the selections in the list boxes (Business and Stage), when I choose the Business, the Stage list box knows that the stage I am looking to present on has 0 results and so it does not let me select it. As a result, I cannot get a "0" to show up.

Is there a formula or some kind of statement that can be added to the load file to account for this? Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance,



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Specialist II
Specialist II

to convert NULL and empty values to 0 in script i usually do it like this:
if(len(trim(FIELD))=0, 0, FIELD) as FIELD