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Contributor III
Contributor III

Formula with Set Analysis different than without set analysis

Hi Everyone, 

I hope you are OK.

I demand your help because I do not understand one of Qlikview behaviour.

My need is to store some variables results into a QVD files in order to accelerate the speed of the reporting.

Indeed, I have too many data so i want to have an intermediate step. But it is not simple because i need to rewrite my variables that contain SET ANALYSIS because it is not accepted into load script.

But when I modify my formula.... i have completely different result. 

My example :



sum ( {<
E.TYPE_E -= {'S S'}
>} F.QTY)



RESULT : 13 000


Rewrite in : 



sum (
if(A.ANNEE='2021' and B.TYPE_B='ENC'  and C.TYPE_C='OPT' and D.TYPE_D<>0
E.TYPE_E <> 'S S'


RESULT : 40 000

But I have exactly the same result without this line : 

E.TYPE_E -= {'S S'}


Where can be the issue please ?

I am sorry I can not share the data... I have tooo many lines.


Thanks thanks thanks for your help






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Contributor III
Contributor III

E is another table.


Is there any solution to sotre the value of a variable write with set analysis into a QVD or other sheet ?