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Frequency calculation

Hi all,

I'm trying to figuring out on how to create a column in a pivot table that can calculate the frequency of a product. Please refer to the screen shot below for better understanding:

error loading image

What I'm trying to achieve here is to calculate the number of time that the product was sold for that particular year. For example, the Product A was sold on Jan, Mac and Aug. The frequency column should return 3 (since it appears 3 times in the table) The numbers for each month is a total sales.

Is it possible to do it in a pivot table?

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Partner - Specialist III
Partner - Specialist III

hi Kim,

Please find the application in the attachment. Hope this application will help you.



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Hi Deepak,

Thanks for the solution. But there is a problem. In a month, it can have multiple transactions. Currently the expression that I'm using for the measure is sum(Sales).

Partner - Specialist III
Partner - Specialist III

can you send me a sample application. The problem is not clear.