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Getting "Failed to Load" alert on navigating away from a document

We are seeing an annoying Javascript alert when using QlikView and I wanted to see if it was normal or if it's something we can suppress.

If you are loading a large document through AccessPoint, but you decide to go back or go to another page while it is still loading, we get a Javascript alert that says "Failed to Load:" and "URL: undefined". This is very unhelpful and annoying and our users are asking about it.


This alert seems to be triggered in QvAjax.js, which calls a custom Alert function defined in opendoc.htm.

I can edit these files to swallow the alert, but I just wondered if anyone knew the purpose of this.

I do want to see error messages like "Failed to load because you are not authorized," "Failed to load because document not found," etc, but this one seems to just be indicating that the load was canceled by the browser navigating away, which seems a little pointless.

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Contributor II
Contributor II

Hi Steven !

Did you get the answer regarding this issue ?

I have been received this error many times.