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Creator III
Creator III

Google Maps QV10 vs QV9


I've come across an issue that I can't easily find an answer for (I've had a look at the forum but couldn't see anything that gave me an idea of what was wrong).

I have a QlikView document that I use, based on the Google Maps demo, that works all fine in QV9. The Google Map image is returned and displayed in QlikView.

Opening the same document in QV10 this doesn't work any more. The points are plotted on the scatter chart I use but the Google Map image doesn't display.

Does anyone know why this might be? It seems a bit wierd that something that works in QV9 should stop working in QV10.



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Hello Chris,

If I remember correctly, one of the demos had a conditional view on the text object that has the image behind the chart or in the chart itself. Removing that condition you are able to see the image as well.

Anyway, if you can point as to the file we chan take a look as well.

Hope that helps.

Miguel Angel Baeyens

BI Consultant

Comex Grupo Ibérica

Creator III
Creator III

Hi Miguel,

Funnily enough I have managed to find a reply you gave to someone else on the same topic (turns out searching on 'google map' gives better results than searching on 'google maps'!):

The code that has the reference to the google map image needed to be changed to remove some of the formatting and the Transparency needed to be set to 0 as opposed to 100 (otherwise it wouldn't show).

Thanks for the reply,