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Handling Nulls


I have a requirement wherein I have to diregard a particular division and display the sum of sales of the other Divisions.

In the sample application attached i am trying to acheive the same by disregarding the Division 'A'

These are the following approaches used by me:

Approach 1:


This approach not only  excludes division A but it also excludes the NULL divisions,but all i want is to exclude the Division A and not the NULL divisions



This also gives me the result as in approach 1



This approach gives me the desired results.But I want to know if there is any built in function within qlikview that could be used to accomplish this requirement in a better way

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Thank you so much for the descriptive explaination

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Hi Michael,

Very Nice.. Very useful to me..

Is it possible to particular field level.....

Creator III
Creator III

Instead of NULLASVALUE *;

You can do NULLASVALUE  [FieldName1],[Fieldname2],etc..;



IF(ISNULL(Field),'<UNKNOWN>',Field) as Field;

If it is a # field than you can use the Alt() function instead.

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Yes Yes .. I got it