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Has anyone created Gantt Chart using QV10 Personal Edition?

Hi All

Has any one created "Gantt Chart" using QV10 Personal Edition. If you have done it please let me know the steps to create the same please.

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Hi Attitude,

Have you considered extension objects in v10 for a Gantt. If you have done a full install of QV10, then in folder C:\Program Files\QlikView_10IR\Examples\Extensions, double-click on the Gantt.qar file.

Then close/re-open v10 and in the start page you should see extension examples as a sample file, just under DataVisualizations. Might be helpful.

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Btw, extension objects is only available in AJAX/Web mode, not for IE, etc.

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Hi Cheenu

Thanks for your response!

I have already installed QV10 fully and double clicked on Gantt.qar. Also I am able to see the Gantt Chart once I have done this.

Problem is I want to know how to create the new Gantt Chart for my application. I don't have problem in viewing the Gantt Chart which is there in the "Getting Started" Tab.

Hope it is understandale now!

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Hi Attitude,

I am also new for QV, but i have small kind of idea about "Gantt Chart".

I have 3 dimensions




I want to show the only EndDate in Bar chart, it will looks like "Ganett Style" .

I was taken Object is a dimention,

In expression tab

1.StarDate as Start

2.EndDate as End

In expression tab select Start , Enable 'INVISIBLE" checkbox.

It willrepresents like this.


Sampath Kumar.G

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If it is not understandable. Shall I put this way!

Like the way we create the Bar Chart/Line Chart may I know how to create the Gantt Chart in QV10 Personal Edition. Could you please help me out on this?

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Thanks Sampath for your effort

Yes it looks like Gantt Chart. But though it looks likes the Gantt chart may I know how to make you use of real Gantt chart using QV10 Personal Edition. How to create the real Gantt chart.


1. Start a new document

2. Load your data

3. Switch to WEBVIEW MODE (View ... Turn On/Off Webview)

4. In the sheet, RIGHT CLICK and select NEW SHEET OBJECT

5. Click on EXTENSION OBJECTS heading

6. If you have installed the Gantt Chart extension as stated, it should be listed

7. Drag the Gantt Chart onto your sheet.

8. Right click the chart to get to the properties

This should get you off and running. As shown in the Extensions Example, the Gantt Chart extension which is FLASH based will only work in the 32 bit version of QlikView Desktop/Personal Edition

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Thank you so much John...

This is the one I was looking for. Now I will try to work on it and will try to create the chart using Gantt Chart.


Also followed John's example and got it working. Now I found that this Gantt Extension only works when I set the date format in the load script to 'MM/DD/YYYY' and not my default 'DD-MM-YYYY' as used in the Netherlands. And this causes me for any date-field displayed to use date formatting on field-level. Any ideas here?

Another question with this extension...

Is it possible to have influence on the scaling? For instance group by quarters instead of months?

Finally I found this extension to have quite a negative impact on the overall performance?!

Regards, Sander