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Help! Deleted Tasks in QMC Still running


So I deleted some task on the qmc without removing the reload schedule. I have also removed the QVW file on the specific folder where it was sitting. Plus I did removed on the tasks on the <Orphan> folder. And now I am receiving email notification wherein the tasks I just deleted encountered an error.

I have tried recreating the QVW file on the publisher folder but unable to see the task that is running unto it. Can anyone assist me on how to clear these tasks so I can be freed with these errors that doesn't show on the qmc tasks?

Thank you very much!

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Master II
Master II


Is there any chance the qvw file you deleted is dependent on any other task or any other task is dependent on successful completion of the task you just deleted ? Just a guess.

Learning never stops.

Please post one of the TaskLog.txt files generated while running a deleted task of a deleted document.


other chance ..someone has created the task with similar name ? or an dependent task on yours ?