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Help in fetching Previous value from the Table

Hey Folks,


I have a requirement as if the Current Year from ( Year table as from 2011 to 2019) and Current MonthData is not available on the particular field then I have the take the value from the previous month table, 

Assume that if i have a value on Oct 2018 and till Jun 2019 I have no value in between tables. So How should i apply logic in this case.

I need the Oct 2018 Value should be displayed on Jun 2019 field...

So how should I perform


My Exact Data is:


Values, Month, Year

0.001, Jun , 2016

0.002, Jul, 2016

0.003, Aug, 2016

0     ,  Oct, 2016

0     ,  Nov, 2016

0     ,  Dec, 2016

0     ,  Jan, 2017

0     ,  Feb, 2017

0     ,  Mar, 2017

0     ,  Apr, 2017

0     ,  May, 2017

0     ,  Jun, 2017


Now I need the Value of Aug, 2016 as my Current month Value as my Current Month is Jun, 2017.

Now is my Question Clear?



Thanks in advance...!!!

3 Replies
Creator II
Creator II


you can the previous() function ?




Hey Gerry, I tried Peek, Previous and even Pick but no Luck...

Can you help me with the exact query?

Creator II
Creator II

im not anderstand your  question,

ist the question

Month with the last  numerical value?

greeting Gerry