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Help in generating a fixed (locked) filter

Good evening , I’m realatively new in Qlikview and having some issues with one particular expression.

I’m trying to create  an expression that contains a fixed (locked) fiter so that it doesn’t matter which filter I select the values obtained in the expression should remain the same. Currently, I’m using the following expression:

=Count(DISTINCT TOTAL(if([AÑO]='2014' and wildmatch([#CENTRO],'C*'),MATERIAL) ))

What I’m trying to do is that it shouldn’t matter if I select one supplier, client or city in particular, that expression should always remain the same.

I’d appreciate any help I can get, thanks a lot in advance guys!!!

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Creator III
Creator III

If your expression works, try this:

=Count( {1} DISTINCT TOTAL(if([AÑO]='2014' and wildmatch([#CENTRO],'C*'),MATERIAL) ))