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Help on Chart Click

Hi All,

I have one requirement that I have two pivot tables which are created country wise with some data like Area, product, unit etc...

My requirement is if i click on any expression column value (for ex 433 in Unit1 column) then detailed data table will enable and Country wise tables will hide. This i have achieved using conditional hiding but if you click on India country pivot table then India filter should apply but this is not happening. Data is showing for both countries .

Could you please suggest me an idea to achieve this.

Is there any Macros to achieve this?

I am attaching sample QVW also.

Thanks in Advance,


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Partner - Creator II
Partner - Creator II

Hi. Look at the attachment

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Hi Yurii,

Thank you very much for reply!

It is working as expected but i have calculated dimensions in my QVW there i'm getting issues.

Is there any macro type of solutions for this?



Partner - Creator II
Partner - Creator II


You can add this aggregation to your calculated dimensions. The issue with macro is it won't be working on full browser version the application