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Help on Max, Median Percentile


I need to create a table which calculates the difference between an arrival time and a departure time and then shows the Max, median and 95% in hh:mm:ss

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you should use max() and fractile() functions.



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max(arrival time - departure time)

median(arrival time - departure time)

fractile(arrival time - departure time, .95)

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Thank you

I've found those. But I need to do the initial calculation first - Difference between arrival and departure time

11:30 - 09:15 = 01:45 for a large number of people and then find teh Max

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Hi Jacob,

yep tried that, it comes out blank

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I've just changed the time format from hh:mm:ss to DD/MM/YYYY hh:mm:ss and Its not blank anymore, but it is rubbish.

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Could I see your data?

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DepartmentArrival DateArrival TimeDeparture DateDeparture Time
115/05/201400:13:00:000                  15/05/201402:18:00:000                 
115/05/201400:14:00:000                  15/05/201400:50:00:000                 
115/05/201400:36:00:000                  15/05/201404:30:00:000                 
115/05/201400:44:00:000                  15/05/201402:55:00:000                 
115/05/201401:02:00:000                  15/05/201404:14:00:000                 
115/05/201401:12:00:000                  15/05/201403:10:00:000                 
115/05/201401:26:00:000                  15/05/201403:44:00:000                 
115/05/201401:29:00:000                  15/05/201403:06:00:000                 
115/05/201401:33:00:000                  15/05/201404:38:00:000                 
115/05/201401:52:00:000                  15/05/201402:44:00:000                 
115/05/201402:19:00:000                  15/05/201405:57:00:000                 
115/05/201402:23:00:000                  15/05/201404:00:00:000                 
115/05/201402:47:00:000                  15/05/201404:10:00:000                 
115/05/201402:54:00:000                  15/05/201404:25:00:000                 
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Okay, I think I got it. I used subfields and some calculations to find the interval length.

See the attached file.

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Julie, attach sample

22-05-2014 17:04 użytkownik "Julie Teasdale" <qcwebmaster@qlik.com>


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