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Help with error in Groups button changing dynamically from Cyclic to Drill_Down using conditional or macros.

Hi everyone.

I need some advice about a rare behaviour that I am getting from a bar graph where I use some groups of dimensions. I've been requested to design a switch option where the user change the groups to behave as cyclic or drill-down in a dynamically way. I've already made two tests that I describe as follow:

Test 1- I created two similar groups, one cyclic an other drill-down, with the same dimensions. Later with a button I controlled the Enable Conditional  to show the corresponding group. I repeated this desing for 4 groups more, totally 8 groups. In the bar graph the groups works fine through dimensions but the Group Button do not change, it remains with the same image of the first group listed in the Used Dimensions box in graph properties.

Test 2- I created only one group of each type and with a macro sub procedure I am controlling the IsCyclic property of each one. In this case  everything functioning in a right way, group change from cyclic to drill-down and the button reflects the correct Icon depending o which group is active. Later I add the other groups I need to show and started to get wrong again with the group buttons that do not change with selections.

In both cases the behavior of groups is correct and the problem seen to be in the behavior of the button.

Please any advise will be very appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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