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Help with tables

Hey guys - I posted this question before, but it had no responses in hours, and I'm on a strict deadline. Hoping you guys can help.

I've attached my QV if you wanna take a look.... here's my issue:

My QV will be used to track timesheets. It will show which consultants have submitted timesheets, and if they were late or on time. It should also show if the consultant never submitted the timesheet at all.

I have a pivot table called "Submitted", a pivot tavble called "Late", and one called "Not Late". These are driven off of a list box called "Week-Ending", which is the day the pay period ends.

The user should be able to click a specific "Week-Ending" date, and then see who submitted timesheets and who didn't, and which of them were late or on time.

I have everything worked out, except the "not submitted" table...

The "Submitted" table is just basically the first and last name of the consultant... if you dont actually filter the data by picking a "Week-Ending" day, it's a list of all consultants... is there a way to make a table, and have it compare the list of consultant first and last names against the "filtered" version of itself, after someone selects a "Week-Ending" day?

In short, I need to know which consultants drop off the "submitted" table when I select a Week-Ending date.

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Can you attach excel file for your data.

Many thanks


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The excel file is not the main data file. Most of the actual data is coming from an ODBC connection that I can't replicate right now

The only thing in the excel file is the timesheet part. But as long as you dont refresh the data, there should be enough in the QV file i sent.

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There has to be a way to do this... it's basically just a vLookup. lol.

I just cant figure out how to do it in QV.