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Hierarchy Load - Issue in filtering data

Hi All,

I have a requirement where I have to show the data in treeview.

Attached is the sample data.


1 Value1 has Overall 99.57 and within 100 99.571001100
2 Value2 has Overall 87.46 and within 38.4787.4638.471120
3 Value3 has Overall 39.36 and Within 37.2639.5637.261121
41Value4 has Overall 14.49 and within 29.3814.4929.382111
52Value 5 has Overall 46.56 and Within 47.38 46.5647.382100
61Value6 has Overall 75.68 and Within 43.5775.6843.572120
72Value7 has Overall 96.56 and Within 49.2996.5649.292100
83Value8 has Overall 56.89 and Within 19.9956.8919.992111
93Value9 has Overall 36.46 and Within 47.6636.4647.662121
102Value10 has Overall 38.26 and Within 1.4738.261.472111
115Value11 has Overall 90.35 and Within 3.3390.353.333100
124Value12 has Overall 27.36 and Within 59.6627.3659.663121
139Value13 has Overall 99.87 and Within 9.2799.879.273100
145Value14 has Overall 32.46 and Within 10.2332.4610.233100
1510Value15 has Overall 35.47 and Within 13.366735.4713.36673111
167Value16 has Overall 42.16 and Within 27.3842.1627.383121
178Value17 has Overall 53.89 and Within 47.2753.8947.273100
189Value18 has Overall 65.27 and Within 1.3365.271.333120
197Value19 has Overall 82.46 and Within 3.5882.463.583111
209Value20 has Overall 61.36 and Within 19.2661.3619.263120

I have to filter/select the data based on an range of Percentage (Overall_Percentage field to be used)

First it should filter on level 1 then on Level 2 and then on Level3.

I have selected the range >80.

The result is coming out to be


Expected is :


If the Overall_Percentage range is available in Level=1 then only it should show value at Level=1 else not (Value3 and its tree beyond should not be shown),

if the Overall_Percentage range is available in Level=1 first and then Level=2 then it should show value at Level=2 else not (Value5 and its tree beyond should not be shown),

if Overall_Percentage range is available in Level=1 and then Level=2 and then Level=3, then its should show the Value at Level=3

Pls help or suggest any way to achieve this.

Attached the required qvw and sample data.

Thanks and Regards,

Anjali Gupta

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