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Contributor III
Contributor III

High RAM Usage cause QlikView server down

Hi All,

I'm facing issues regarding RAM usage of QlikView server.

The RAM usage keep increasing till server not responding within 30 mins after it exceed 70% usage even though there are <10 users that time. We have set the working set as low 60% & high 80%.

Unfortunately till now we still could not find out the root cause.

We engaged with Qlik Support to investigate using Governance Dashboard but not much fact to show which application and what user's action to cause high RAM usage that time.

Due to this we have to create a powershell script to auto restart the QlikView service once the memory usage hit 80%.

After restart, it will drop to  ~5-10%.

In our environment, we have 3 qlikview servers (RAM:500gb & CPU: 32 cores) & 1 publisher server (RAM:250gb & CPU: 32 cores).

There are 27 applications and 8 of them ~1 to 6GB.

Really appreciate for any recommendations.


Boon Haw

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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

It sounds quite strange. The server will be unresponsive by about 70% of the RAM consumption although the high-setting from the working set is set to 80% (I think you could increase this value to maybe 95% by your amount of RAM).

Because of the reason that your system-freezing happens so fast it should be possible to get hints by directly observing the matter within the task-manager and the qmc. Beside this and your efforts with the governance dashboard the enabling of the extensive audit-logging might give further ideas what happens.

The quite fast consume of RAM after a services-restart could be caused from some pre-loadings of the applications and if your size-details are from compressed qvw's the real RAM size could be a lot bigger.

Nevertheless and although I haven't own experience with cluster-installations I think that there is anywhere a misconfiguration between the various services (have the qmc, directory services and the web-server(s) also own machines?) and the load-balancing between the nodes.

- Marcus