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Partner - Contributor

How Can I Change Excel File Name When I Download Excel?

Currently, an object has been created on the QlikView server.

And when I download excel from Web server using IIS, I want to download the title of "current time".

Clicking the Download Excel button on the QlikView server will normally display "Object ID + Current Time" as the title.

However, when downloading from a Web server, it is downloaded as "fffd56f9c68a49f9a ..." as in the image.

How can I download normally at the "Object ID + Current Time" or "Current Time"?

What configuration file should I modify within the web server?

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Specialist II
Specialist II

Partner - Contributor
Partner - Contributor

I checked through the URL you sent

1. When using "Send to Excel"
QlikView server shows "Objectid + current time"
The web server is renamed to "fffd56f9c68a49f9a ...".

2. When you use "macro" as a button event
QlikView server can receive Excel as usual.
However, the button does not work through the web server.

Can you please let me know if there is any other way to solve it?


seoyoungjun, are you sure the timestamp is not there, just hidden because the name is too long to display all characters?  If you make the caption bar larger, is everything there?  When exporting via the Ajax client, the QVServer creates the file server-side and then pushed the file back to the client via the web server, so I am not sure there should be any difference here, I seem to be missing something, can you further clarify the use case?

Just checked functionality and all we write is a GUID based name.xls or xlsx file, no timestamp included in the file name, so I am not sure how you are getting the date in there, I did open the file as well, and the Excel caption does not show timestamp there either, I am running 12.40 SR1. 


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