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How can I read a single character SPACE in XML file?

I am trying to read different separators from an xml language file.

This works fine for all characters except for the case when space shall be separator. Note that here is a  white space between the <sv> </sv> tags.

   <comment>1 character separator "translated" according to language</comment>
   <sv> </sv>


When this is loaded in qlikview the field is emptied i.e the space-character  is removed, i'm guessing some trimming has occurred.

Is there any way to state the space to make qlikview keep it when loading the xml-file?

I've tried with different ' 'and  " " and also with some ascii and hex coding for "Space" as value, without any success.



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Add this to your script before the load statement:

set Verbatim = 1;

It will prevent stripping spaces. You may want to reset it afterwards to 0.

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Use Verbatim function


Normally all field values are automatically stripped of preceding and succeeding blank characters (ASCII 32) before being loaded into the QlikView database. Setting this variable to 1 suspends the stripping of blank characters.


set Verbatim = 1;