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Contributor III
Contributor III

How can i show in a Pivot table the same count in the corresponding field


please help me with this case:

I have a Pivot Table that has the Sala field which is an aggregation with count. It is an aggregation  with a field out of the table: sum(aggr(distinct count (distinct IdSala),%ID_CL))

I need the table show the same value count in each one of the Cost Center fields, for example: 

Hosp2_Ceco should show 4 in each field Hosp2_Ceco.

Hosp1_Ceco should show 3 in each field Hosp1_Ceco.

I think this is easy but i haven't been able to make it.






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Specialist II
Specialist II

maybe try this expression:

sum(aggr(count (distinct IdSala),ClaseActivo, CentroCosto))
Contributor III
Contributor III

Thanks Zhadrakas, but i need the aggregation with the %ID_CL



Former Employee
Former Employee

@zhadrakas  We have been having some notification issues, so I suspect you did not see the update to the thread on this post, so I just wanted to let you know.  

I am guessing you may need Set Analysis in the end on this one, not sure though, but here are a couple of links that may be helpful along those lines:

Apologies I do not have something better.


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