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How do I make the List Box caption background completely transparent?

I've noticed that in pie charts and graphs I can turn off the caption and select "Show Title in Chart" (under General tab) to get a cleaner looking title area. But for a List Box, that option does not exist. So as a workaround, I thought I could make the list box caption background completely transparent. I go to Properties/Caption and select the Background Color of both the Inactive and Active captions, turning the Transparency to 100% (which I thought would make all color disappear). But there's still a faint blue gradient in the Caption background that will NOT go away. Is there a solution to this?

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... IN list box I can see in the Caption Tab the "Show Caption" check box ... try to unselect it ...


In Document Properties, change your General, Sheet Object Style to "Transparent". That will make all captions nicely transparent.


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That did the trick! Actually, the two Sheet Object Style options are GLASS and PLAIN. PLAIN got rid of the blue bar in the caption, making it completely transparent.




You'll have access to the Transparent Style if you change the "Styling mode" to Simplified. Try it, you may like it.