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How to Make Links Open in Same Window

Link to other website from Qlik is opening in new window in internet explorer. It open new tab each time user click on link. User want to make sure that links are open as popup and always use same pop.

When user click on link it should open as pop up window (instead of new tab).

Also, if user click on link multiple times it should use the same popup windows (instead of opening multiple windows).

1) There is a straight table, expression of type link. Below is the code for that link.

<url>' & 'javascript:(window.open(' & '"' & Replace(Replace(URL, '{Ticker}', Ticker), '{Date}', Date(vBusinessDateSelected, 'YYYYMMDD')) & '"' & ',"Research", "width=725, height=840"))'

What is the actual result?

In Internet explore version: 11.0.9600.17801, it keeps opening new tabs every time user clicks on link.

It works as expected in Chrome browser (Version 55.0.2883.87).

What have you tested to solve the issue?

Tried various JavaScript call (windows.open with _self, _blank, tabname).

Also tried to modified internet explorer property related to popup windows but did not work.

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@QlikSenseeTeam: Can somebody respond to this? Eager to find a solution as well!



did you find solution for this?