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How to connect Qlikview to Remedy ARS 7.6x via ODBC direct ?

I searched the site for my answer, but haven't found anything about connecting Qlikview to Remedy ARS 7.6x.

Has anyone been able to connect to Remedy via ODBC, and have readable table structures ?  I am trying to alleviate having to create an export of the entire Incident (HPD:Help Desk) or Change (CHG:Infrastructure Change) form data to an xls file.  There must be a way to directly connect to Remedy ?

All ideas much appreciated !


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Partner - Contributor
Partner - Contributor

Hey Rick

I've just found your solution for the Remedy ARS 7.6x ODBC Connection on the other post:

Remedy ARS 7.6x ODBC Connection Needed !:.

Thanks to your post, we're able to pull down the data through QlikView ODBC as well.

But unfortunately we are not able to pull down the data automatically.

Whenever the connection-string is executed in QlikView, the "AR System ODBC Login" of the ODBC-Driver pops up and a confirmation of the username/password is required to proceed with the script (see screenshot).

As we've experienced the same behavior with other systems (e.g. Excel),

we assume this "feature" is part of Remedy ODBC and we hope there might be some Driver-Settings to disable this behavior.

In your post, it is not clear if you have the same behavior or if the "AR System ODBC Login" only popped up once?

Any comment / info from your side is very much appreciated !

Best Wishes,


Screenshot - we are not able to turn off this pop up when connecting to Remedy via ODBC in QlikView